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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  December 27, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello again, i'm gigi barnett. don and jessica have the day off. here's what people are talking about today, the winter storm that was supposed to sweep through most of maryland. the eastern shore was hit very hard with heavy snow and strong winds whipping throughout the area. things are looking better on this side of the bridge, there are still concerns about the wind work we're live with first warning weather coverage. tim williams and marty bass are here in the weather center. this storm definitely glanced much of central maryland. 10inches up near cecil county. now, we're dealing with the wind. 32degrees now and the winds are something to be factored into
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the forecast. 20miles per hour winds at bwi and 23 near came bridge. 17miles per hour winds near frederick. look at the gusts near the airport. 40miles per hour gusts and they could be highier. you'll see 41 at bel air. you can factor that around 32 degrees and it feels more like 15. it feels like minus three in oakland and the mid-teens around much of the lower eastern shore. look at that, 9 in elkton and hagerstown. we'll be dealing with this and the winds are a factor. with more on the winds, here's marty bass. good afternoon, everyone. here's the deal, we have wind advisories in effect almost areawide with the acception of far western maryland. that will linger through 9:00 tonight. it was interesting to watch the storm pull out of here this morning. we saw the counties go from blizzards in the pink to the
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blue and then to tan. again, with the acception of western maryland, almost areawide. that's in effect until 9:00 tonight. then, what's coming our way, believe it or not, nothing but good news. we'll see a warm up as we go into new year's eve and into the new year's. we'll have the details coming up shortly, it's going to make you smile. gigi, back to you. thank you, marty, we have live coverage with mike hellgren. even though we didn't full the force of the storm, it's still causing problems for travelers trying to get in and out of the area for the home days -- holidays. >> reporter: at last check, 22 departing flights were canceled for the day and 25 arriving flights are canceled. a lot of flights are getting out and a lot of problems in
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new york city. >> reporter: a dusting of snow and winds moved in at bwi last night. combined with the major storm around maryland, airlines canceled the flights to and from here. today, there are cancellations and delays, but not as many as 24 hours ago, continuing fall out from the storms, winds are the problems here now. >> we want to customers to check ahead of time. >> reporter: these flights canceled involve the airplanes to the north and the destinations to the west and south. many flights are on stand by. >> if it comes to it, we'll have to drive her the 19 hours to get her there on time. >> reporter: amtrak saw delays, too. the trains are running today. amtrak's advising the passengers to check ahead. >> my train is on time now. nothing to worry about yet.
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>> reporter: amtrak resumed the limited service in new england from new york to boston. marc is on a regular schedule and there are still minor delays. reporting live, i'm mike hellgren. as we mentioned, most of maryland was spared from the worst of the storm. the eastern shore wasn't lucky, the snow buried parts of the delmarva. the national guard was deployed early on to assist. >> we were supposed to get a lot of snow, it came out of nowhere. >> and the same storm system hammered the states to the north, this is the live look at time's square in new york. as joel brown reports for wjz, the snow and wind is creating the dangerous travel conditions up and down the coast. from the carolinas to new england, much of the the east coast is buried in snow.
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>> i was like, whoa! >> reporter: more then a foot of snow and windy. it made the driving treacherous. >> we'll have more time to work on the roads. >> reporter: a state of emergency was declared in six states. nonessential workers were told to stay home. >> we're asking everyone to stay home. >> reporter: amtrak stopped the service from new york to maine and some routes in the mid- atlantic. >> reporter: it's also likely to tie up air travel for days. thousands of flights were also canceled. as far as south as georgia and alabama, the storm arrived in time for a white christmas. in new england, it was a full blown nor'easter and filled the streets with icy flood waters. in massachusetts, two families lost their homes despite the best efforts of firefighters in the cold. for most, the problems were
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mundane. >> you go and shovel the driveway and you have to do it again in a few hours. >> reporter: it could take days to dig out. >> remember, wjz-13 is always on, for constant updates on the weather forecast and a look at the live doppler radar and the latest on clouding and delays, go to >> a raven's rookie is facing drunk driving charges this afternoon. he was pulled over in ellicott city yesterday morning for driving erratically. he said he thought he was okay to drive, he hadn't had much to drink. it's been a rough year for the star. he's been out of the season with a skull injury. meanwhile,the ravens are heading to the post season. they're clenching a play off spot. ron matz is live with a look
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ahead at the play off chances. hey, gigi, it was old school north battling yesterday in frigid cleveland brown's stadium. there was a heated exchange during the pregame, then, flacco back to the pass, mason had a beautiful pass in the corner. here's the pass to mason, touchdown, the ravens go to win it! 20-10. our wjz fan cam question, are you excited the ravens are in the play offs making another push possibly for the super bowl? >> yeah, absolutely. it's like i said. it's the third year in a row. >> i'm truly excited about the ravens. i knew we were going to the play offs. >> the raven's excitement is here. everyone will be excited to see them go far. >> we're very excited.
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they're a good team, the losses in the past, we should have won. >> i'm feeling great about them. they worked hard for this. >> here's my raven's call [bird sound] >> well, you got to do that on television. the 11-4 ravens now, looks like we're going to annapolis to play in the wild card round. that could change. there's an outside chance of winning the division. if we take care of business against the bengals -- and gigi, the ravens are 10 point favorites for sunday. >> good, that was a lot of excitement. >> thank you. the ravens wrap up the regular season next sunday here in baltimore, you can see the action at 1:00 here on wjz-13. a baltimore landmark gets a new look. demolition crews destroyed the
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visitor's center at fort mchenry this morning. a new, greener center will take its place. still to come on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon -- terror arrests, new developments in the biggest antiterror raid in britain. holiday shopping, the rush is on for the best deals. and take another live look outside this noon, looking over the inner harbor. we'll be back with the first weather warning forecast. we'll be back in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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nine terror suspects in great britain are in police custody until trial. three others were released. they're accused of planning attacks on british landmarks. er they were arrested in the biggest terror sweep in the last two years. their next appearance is scheduled for next month. germanny also upped their terror alert from threats. a tour bus accident in
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egypt leaves eight americans dead. investigators say that the tour bus smashed into a bus yesterday. the accident is the latest in a string of deadly crashes in egypt including one last month. teena marie died at the age of 54. according to her manager, the award winning singer/song writer was found dead yesterday. apparently, she died in her sleep. she's known for "lover girl" and "fire and desire." >> the snowstorm on the east coast put a damper on post christmas shopping, but around the rest of the u.s., people shopped. it's predicted that spending will rise more than 3% from last year. items like furs, and vests and
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sweaters are bigger sellers than practical items like pots and pans. take a live look outside, stay tuned. tim williams will be back in 2 1/2 minutes with the first warning weather forecast. first, here's a look at today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, out towards came bridge, they had a foot plus of snow. up towards cecil count i -- county, about ten inches. those are the totals we've been
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able to monitor. this is a two punch, a two prong, if you will storm. this is the second of the twofold punch. now, everyone's dealing with the wind. right now, it's 34 degrees at bwi. 28% relative humidity and a north, northwest wind. it's steady at 21 miles per hour at the airport. 29.63 is the barometer. 16degrees in oakland and 30 towards ocean city. keep your eye on the senter and we'll let you know how this is translating. everyone else, around the freezing mark. the winds are sustained as we said, at the airport around 21 miles per hour. that's a good reading, based on where everyone is. 25 in westminster. 21miles per hour sustained winds. we've had 40 miles per hour gusts in westminster and bel air. definitely enough to slow up some of the flights in and out
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of the airport. the windchills, now, make that 34 feel like 24. it feels like 2 degrees in oakland. the wind advisories are in effect until tomorrow. they'll be there until everything starts to calm down. the snow? canada is blasting some parts of new england with the snow. it's a tightly wound storm, when you see the lines on the forecasted page with all of the lines tight. that indicates tight lines of pressure. the winds are very, very strong at that point. with the cold air in place, well, the winds will be brisk. it's a brisk few days. heading into the end of the week with temperatures around 33. we'll start another warm up with another warm system coming in. 50degrees on new year's eve and it will be a mild evening and no problems for fireworks.
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it should be a comfortable time in the inner harbor. compared to last year. yeah, wind, rain. >> not so much. >> well, thank you, tim. >> 2010 is coming to a close, on friday, you can see all of the celebrations and fireworks live here on wjz-13 as wjz presents the port's america new year's eve spectacular. that's here on wjz-13. well, still to come on eyewitness news at noon, drug abuse, a new study finds a sharp increase in overdoses. who researchers say is more vulnerable. wjz-13 is always on, here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all of the day's news and the updated first warning forecast, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's health watch, more and more are dying from abusing or misusing drugs from, accidental drug overdoses are on the rise. white men and women are more than 9 times more likely to die from a drug overdose now compared to several decades ago. be sure to check in with us
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tonight. snow days, part of maryland is buried under a foot or more of snow and the cleanup is just underway. we'll continue the coverage this afternoon. a shocking case of cruelty, kittens were dumped on a road and see what happened to them. join us ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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once we calm down wednesday, sunny and 38. ing but look at -- but look at new year's and new year's day. the temperatures will be high. up to 50 degrees for saturday, the first day of the year. all right, thank you for watching eyewitness news on wjz- 13 13, maryland's news ,,,,,,,,,
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